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Public Collectors is founded upon the concern that there are many types of cultural artifacts that public libraries, museums and other institutions and archives either do not collect or do not make freely accessible. Public Collectors asks individuals that have had the luxury to amass, organize, and inventory these materials to help reverse this lack by making their collections public.

Public Collectors organizes exhibitions and events, participates in exhibitions organized by others, creates exhibition opportunities for collectors, teaches, lectures, responds to research inquiries, and makes its own publications.

This blog is intended as a more personal extension of the main website and is used primarily for materials from my own collection, or photos I've taken myself.

The administrator of Public Collectors is Marc Fischer.

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Install Theme

A fan drawing of David Hodo from the Village People from the October, 1979 issue of 16 magazine. 

A fan drawing of Ace Frehley from Kiss from the October, 1979 issue of 16 magazine.

Rosetta Stone, from the November 1979 issue of 16 magazine. I had never heard of this British pop band before finding this photo in this magazine, so I looked them up. Their cover of Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love” has to be heard to be believed.

A defaced photo of Olivia Newton John, found inside a copy of 16 magazine from November, 1979.

The Puzzle Page from the back cover of the November 17, 1977 issue of Scholastic Action.

Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart on the cover of the November 17, 1977 issue of Scholastic Action. I think this was a free publication that was circulated to school kids.

Item I did not purchase at Swap-O-Rama in Chicago this morning: severed leg in a random tub of shit.

Congratulations to Ian McMurrich on the successful completion of his Public Collectors Joong Boo Residency!

Ian is visiting Chicago from Hamilton, Ontario. We first met a while back through Tumblr, where he has long shared photos of the temporary and ephemeral assemblages he has made using industrial detritus that he finds and assembles on site during long walks. (See: http://mcmurrich.tumblr.com/). Some walks yield as many as six assemblages.

I had dinner with Ian on his last visit to Chicago about four years ago and was happy when he told me he would be returning and would like to apply for a Joong Boo Residency. Today’s residency was extended to begin with a trip to Swap-O-Rama in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood. Swap-O-Rama is filled with vendors who unselfconsicously arrange their wares in a manner that looks a lot like the things Ian leaves behind on his walks.

After the usual morning crawl on the expressway (where we mostly listened to the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey on the radio) we arrived at Swap and dug in. I quickly found a pile of ultra cheap 1970s and early 1980s t een music magazines. Ian scored about a dozen samples from an absolutely massive pile of embroidered name patches that were mounded on the ground - hundreds of patches like the kind mechanics embroider on their shirts. It was the kind of glorious random thing that Swap always delivers. Swap also afforded Ian the opportunity to take photos of the great combinations of objects that vendors lump together. One memorable arrangement was a bicycle seat that was somehow mounted on an empty beer keg. A kind of frat boy Duchamp?

As the sun began to fry us in the Swap-O-Rama parking lot, we finished our survey of everything and hopped back in the car to resume listening to the Comey testimony (including the aimless ramblings of John McCain) and made our way to Joong Boo Market.

I’ve been pretty under the weather the last couple days so all I ordered was a small appetizer of Korean sushi. Ian fully consumed the Spicy Squid. Despite arriving during prime lunch hours, the Snack C orner wasn’t too crowded and we could eat and chat at a leisurely pace. We spoke a bunch about new things Ian is working on and the intricacies of Canadian arts funding.

As we left Joong Boo, we marveled at the huge Jack Fruits on display and chatted with a man who expressed similar fascination with these colossal fruits (“I don’t know who Jack is but he sure has some large fruit”). He told us about his Type 2 Diabetes and wondered if Jack Fruit is something he could eat, or if it has similar sugar content to other fruits. We had no idea. Ian closed out his residency by purchasing a Kimchi bun and a Red Bean bun from the stand in the parking lot. Those will surely power him through the rest of his day exploring Chicago.

This wraps up residencies for June. If you or someone you know is NOT a Chicago resident and would like to apply for a Public Collectors Joong Boo Residency starting in July, you’ll find details here.

The group exhibition GENERATORS, curated by Anthony Steptor in conjunction with the Toronto Art Book Fair, will include all of the printed materials I’ve made for the project so far. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a quick new flyer featuring everyone’s favorite Toronto-based gentrifiers (here, in case you missed it). Order any of the Hardcore Architecture booklets from Half Letter Press and I’ll send you one. 

Congratulations to Cara Kuball on the successful completion of her Public Collectors Joong Boo Residency.

Cara and I first met over a decade ago when she was studying art at University of Chicago. We think we met in around 2002 possibly, when the group I’m in, Temporary Services, was part of an exhibit at the Smart Museum of Art on campus. Nine years ago Cara moved to the Boston area, where she now works as the Collections Manager for Preventive Conservation at the Museum of Fine Arts. She and her husband Damon Bishop also organize the International Pancake Film Festival which is heading toward its 10th year. It really is a film festival where all of the films somehow include pancakes. We did a little publication exchange and Cara gave me a copy of the most recent program (published by the New England Journal of Pancakes Press).

Cara was in town for a conservation-themed work conference and fortunately she able to take a bre ak from days full of presentations to enjoy a late lunch at Joong Boo. Though she used to live not far from Joong Boo when she was in Chicago, this was her first time eating there. As a vegan, there’s not much you can eat from the Joong Boo Snack Corner, but Cara was happy to have the Bi Bim Bap without egg. I ordered the same thing, in solidarity, only with the egg.

We talked about a whole range of things: publishing, museum work, how extremely gendered the world of art handling is in Boston (men are used for damn near everything), and the weird age gaps in Boston and how the energy shifts massively when the college kids go home from school at the end of the year. We also talked a little about pancakes in film. Cara described an amazing sounding educational film where a teacher explains a woman’s reproductive system by drawing it in a pan with pancake batter. This managed to jog my memory of a scene in the Russ Meyer film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (that I misre membered until after our meal) where Meyer cuts from a shot of a woman getting an abortion to someone in their kitchen making pancakes. You just never know what you’re going to get into at a Joong Boo Residency.

At one point, while we were talking about publishing, Cara’s residency was nearly derailed by an older gentleman sitting on my right who involved himself in our conversation. He turned out to be a pretty politically radical old dude, who brought up the worker-owned Salsedo Press on Chicago’s near west side. I’ve never printed with Salsedo but he got me interested. After some back and forth about our miserable attempt at a President, Cara and I resumed our conversation, followed by a tour of Joong Boo Market.

We particularly honed in on the rice cakes. I wound up going for a packet of chestnut paste rice cakes. Joong Boo must have 35 different kinds of rice cakes so it’s a bit overwhelming. We also studied the Jack fruit. Neither of us have ever prepared Jack fruit and I was rather intimidated by the fact that most of the Jack fruits on display looked to weigh about 20 pounds each. I learned from Cara that Jack fruit is not sweet and it is sometimes used as an egg substitute in vegan dishes because when you scoop it out and cook it, it has a scrambled egg-like consistency. She mentioned that she has eaten Jack fruit tacos. I brought this up to one of the Mexican workers at Joong Boo and he looked at me like I was absolutely fucking crazy.

This was a very enjoyable and rather leisurely residency with a healthy amount of rambling conversation, and no one clamoring for our spot at the counter after we finished everything in our bowls.

June residencies are all booked for the Public Collectors Joong Boo Residency Program, but if you would like to apply for July or later you can find more information (and see a list of past residents) here.

Congratulations to Paul Nudd on the successful completion of his Public Collectors Joong Boo Residency!

Joong Boo Residencies are intended for creative people that live outside of Chicago. Paul traveled all the way from Berwyn, Illinois for his residency (approximately 3 miles outside of the Chicago city limits). This makes him one of the least qualified Joong Boo residents to date.

I have to say that Paul’s letter of application for this residency was by far one of the most ambitious I’ve received. I don’t really ask a lot of people but Paul actually crafted something that describes just about his entire creative life. With his permission, I’ll share it:

Dear Marc,

Please consider me an applicant for the Joong Boo residency. I am a prolific maker of paintings and drawings and video art, prints, books and collage works. I have exhibited my work widely in Chicago, throughout the U.S.A. and Europe . I have collaborated extensively with cartoonist and known reprobate Onsmith. My publishing endeavors include the occasional arts and comix journal Corpus Corpus. I teach elementary school art in Cicero, IL, a post that I have maintained for 16 years. I used to teach foundations at Columbia College Chicago and currently teach Underground Comix at SAIC. My hobbies include caring for my tropical fish, brewing ale, mead and making kefir, kombucha, drinking vinegars and wine, gardening, composting, listening to records. I also read a lot and live in Berwyn, IL a nearby independent municipality quite near the western city limit of the gre at city of Chicago I serve on the Berwyn Public Library’s Board of Trustees. This residency would give me the opportunity to spend an adventurous afternoon in the “big city” with an artist I greatly admire.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Paul Nudd

I’ve known Paul for many years. While we had met once or twice before, the event that really brought us together, was the time in 2004 that Paul and I found ourselves among approximately six people that cared enough to attend a reunion show by the Australian band Lubricated Goat at the old Bottom Lounge. Paul actually designed and printed a silkscreen poster for this show. Clearly it was highly effective in getting the word out.

This was Paul’s first time eating at the Joong Boo Snack Corner. We met up at 5:00 PM, essentially had the entire place to ourselves, and were eating within about 5 minutes. Paul consumed the Spicy Squid and I had the Sashimi salad.

We talked about our associations with various dead artists and then moved on to discussing our gardens. Paul had just spent a full day working on his garden and is trying some new things this year, in addition to having recently planted a cherry tree. We also talked a bit about printing and about CAKE, a great comix publishing fair that’s coming up in Chicago. Normally I do not participate in this fair (it doesn’t really fit my work) but Paul does. This year he’s sitting it out but we will both attend and are looking forward to spectating and talking to participants, including the great Gary Panter.

After finishing our food, we toured the market a little, giving special consideration to the expensive and intriguing booze at Joong Boo. It’s always a pleasure to hang out with Paul and I hope he made it home safely from his brief but fruitful trip into the big city.

This wraps it up for May residencies (Paul was the only applicant!). June is booked but if you’d like to apply for July, read more here.

A style of Beware of Dog sign that I had not seen before. Photographed in Chicago. Many more examples of these signs can be found here.

A stuffed alley friend, photographed in Chicago.

An anti-car, garage protector photographed in Chicago. You can see many more examples of these structures here.

A pair of anti-car, garage protectors photographed in Chicago. You can see many more examples of these structures here.